Outlines German Open Ju-Jutsu

Fighting, Duo & Ne-Waza

Hanau – Germany

5th – 6th October 2019


Ju-Jitsu International Federation
Deutscher Ju-Jutsu Verband e.V.

3-Team Event Service gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Kennedystraße 32
63477 Maintal
Fon: +49(0)6181 – 3024748
Mobile: +49(0)176 – 80707826
Mail: info@3team-event.de

Competition Place:
August-Schärttner-Halle, Martin-Luther-King-Straße 48, 63452 Hanau

Friday, October 4th, 2019 3.00 – 6.00 pm (every athlete/person in charge
of a club/nation is responsible for having collected the necessary documents until
the accreditation deadline at 6.00 pm)
Saturday, October 5th, 2019 1.00 – 3.00 pm
Weight-in is only possible with a valid accreditation card. This is mandatory,
otherwise no start is possible.
An accreditation for athletes ,who start on Sunday, is on Saturday only
possible if the club/nation concerned has no starters on Saturday.
In any other case, the accreditation documents are only pick up on Friday.
The registration of the DUO couples takes place at the scale.

Friday, October 4th, 2019:
6.30 – 9.30 pm (for Saturday’s athletes)
August-Schärttner-Halle, Martin-Luther-King-Straße 48, 63452 Hanau
Fighting: Women/Men, U 21;
Duo: Women/Men; U21; U18;
Ne-Waza: U18
Saturday, October 5th, 2019:
3.30 – 5.30 pm (for Sunday’s athletes)
August-Schärttner-Halle, Martin-Luther-King-Straße 48, 63452 Hanau
Fighting: U18;
Ne-Waza: Women/Men; U21
Please note:
The official weigh-in dress must be minimum a non-transparent T-shirt and a
short covering the knees.
Saturday, October 5th, 2019:
8.00 am Admission
8.30 am Opening ceremony
9.00 am Start competitions
Fighting: Women/Men, U 21;
Duo: Women/Men; U21; U18,
Ne-Waza: U18
Sunday, October 6th, 2019:
8.00 am Admission
8.30 am Opening ceremony
9.00 am Start competitions
Fighting: U18 Ne-Waza: Women/Men; U21
Competition Mode:
Depending on the number of participants Double-KO-system or pool system.
The tournament counts for the JJIF world ranking (grand slam).
Rights To Participate:
Allowed to participate are all athletes from member countries of the JJEU, JJIF
and the DJJV in the fighting system, duo system and Jiu-Jitsu/ Ne-Waza system.
All participants have to present a valid JJ passport of their nation
All participants have to bring their own budo belts in RED and BLUE.

International Police Ranking:
This tournament will be used as first input for a international police ranking.
Therefore, participating police women and men are allowed to additionally
register (via E-Mail to leistungssport@djjv.de, please attach a copy of your police
service card) for a separate ranking in their discipline. Nevertheless, the regular
registration via Sport data is additionally needed.
In the ranking the final placement, number of wins and points of all competitions
will be taken into account. The three highest ranked police men and women per
disciplines will be awarded with a medal and a certificate regarding their
placement in the international/european evaluation of the police.
Weight Classes:
Fighting and BJJ/ Ne-Waza weight classes:
Men : -56 kg, -62 kg, -69 kg, -77 kg, -85 kg, -94 kg, +94 kg
Women: -45 kg, -48 kg, -52 kg, -57 kg, -63 kg, -70 kg, +70 kg
U21 male.: -56 kg, -62 kg, -69 kg, -77 kg, -85 kg, -94 kg, +94 kg
U21 female: -45 kg, -48 kg, -52 kg, -57 kg, -63 kg, -70 kg, +70 kg
U18 male.: -46 kg, -50 kg, -55 kg, -60 kg, -66 kg, -73 kg, -81 kg, +81 kg
U18 female.: -40 kg, -44 kg, -48 kg, -52 kg, -57 kg, -63 kg, -70 kg, +70 kg
Women/Men/Mixed, U21, U18 female, male and mixed
The organzier reserves the rights to combine weight classes!
Competition Rules:
The competition rules of the JJIF and the anti-doping rules of the WADA apply.
Please observe the regulations of the JJIF as far as advertisement on the gi or
protective equipment is concerned.
Everyone agrees to these regulations by registration for the competition.
Protective Equipment:
International athletes have to use protective equipment according to the
regulations of the JJIF.

Online until Monday, September 9th, 2019 via
Paid athletes are not allowed to participate according to §67a General Tax Code
Maximum amount of competitors: Saturday 350 – Sunday 250 starters
Competitors are officially registered as soon as the entry fee is paid. The order
of the incoming payments is leading!
Entry Fee:
Women/Men, U 21 female/male 60,- Euro
U 18 female/male 40,- Euro
Women/Men/U21: 12,50 Euro of the entry fee are transfered to the JJEU and
7,50 Euro are transfered to the JJIF. These fees are already included in the
entry fee. The WADA fees of 10,- Euro are also included.
Possible banking fees have to be paid by the participant.
Please mention in your payment description: „German Open 2019“ and the
name of your club or federation!
Please send bank transfers to:
3-Team Event Service gUG
Sparkasse Hanau
IBAN: DE88 50650023 0053014502
Payment must be made before September 9th, 2019.
Without a payment until September 9th, 2019 to the above mentioned bank
account a extra 10,- Euro registration fee per participant raised in cash at
the accreditation
Referees please register by sending an E-Mail until September 9th, 2019 to:
Ralf Pfeifer, E-Mail: Kampfrichter@djjv.de
Please mention: your name, first name, phone number, E-Mail-address and

Sports Management:
Manager: Dr. Claudia Behnke (sports director DJJV)
Organisation team of the DJJV
Ralf Pfeifer (Head of referees DJJV)
The stay in and around the August-Schärttner Halle is on everyones own risk.
The organzier and host do not assume liability for lost or stolen items.
The organizer, host, his legal deputies or vicarious agents assume liability, for
whatever legal reason, just in case of intent or gross carelessness.
The first four in each category receive medals and certificates.
Dress Code:
Coaches accompanying the athletes to the tatami will wear the national
team track suit with sports shoes (closed). For the finals, formal clothes
(with jacket) are recommended. Athletes on the podium will wear the white
competition Gi, without any additional materials on their persons (flags, religious
symbols, bottles of water, slippers etc.), according to Sport Accord guidelines.
By participating in this event of the DJJV, each participant or his/her guardian
agrees to the use of his/her personal data in accordance with the DSGVO within
the scope of the data protection notice, which can be found on the homepage of
the DJJV – www. djjv. de – under Datenschutz.
Participation in and attendance at events organised by the DJJV and the national
associations shall entail the consent of agents to the publication of photographs
and films taken by them in the publications of the JJIF, the DJJV and the national
By registering for this championship, the athlete accepts that the following
personal data will be published, and may be used for the processing of
competition data by the Ju-Jutsu-Web and Sportdata programs in accordance
with the privacy policy of these services:
First name, last name, sex, date of birth, age group, weight, Weight class, club
(incl. national association and country).

The results and the competition lists are published on the DJJV‘s website at
www. djjv. de, on the JJIF‘s social media channels and the Internet presence of
the competition software Sportdata published.
Please find information via germanopen.org
Tickets/Entrance Fee:
Tickets via germanopen.org
Visa Support:
The Organizer is happy to help any country with obtaining visa for athletes and
officials. For nations, who need VISA to enter Germany, please send the
Organizer as soon as possible,
latest August, 11th 2019,
list of participants with full names, date of birth, adress, passport numbers+data,
function (athlete, coach…).

Please contact for informations
Federal Office DJJV
Mr. Tino Koch
eMail: bundesgeschaeftsstelle@djjv.de
Head Office JJIV
eMail: mail@jjif.org
Kennedystraße 32
63477 Maintal
Fon: +49(0)6181 – 3024748
Mobile: +49(0)176 – 80707826
Mail: info@3team-event.de